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Received a Call from A Person trying to sound Tough and Official saying he was going to serve me, So then he gives me this 1 800 586 9832 number which is not a Law Firm but a Mediation Firm? So I call them and I am told they are the last step before serving me? So I ask for their Info and He gives me a Website with My Suppose Login and Password when I try to put them in it just does nothing I did this for 30 Minutes thinking I done something... Read more

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We took out a loan with western sky a few years ago for $2500 and paid it off in a few months. A year later we called for another loan and they automatically upped the amount to $5000. We paid $468 a month for 8 months. We called them to get a payoff and we still owed $4800. The interest rate on this loan was 119%. If loan went to term we would payback $41,000 on $5000. This is predatory lending practices and they need to be shut down!! ... Read more

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In 2010 I borrowed 2500 from western sky and they told me on the phone, you'll be able to pay it back in a year. I thought ok, I can handle 294.96 for a year. I didn't find out until cash call informed me that they owned the loan and I would be paying that amount for three years. I went bolistic, that's a new car payment, I thought. I stopped paying them and changed my bank account. Delbert called my daughters and friends and told them that... Read more

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I learned my lesson not to do loan from internet. Amount financed 2525.00. Finace charge 8,431.57. Anual precent rate 139.32% total of payment 10956.57. I googled it i see complaints. I agreed most of it. It easy to get money but interests waayy to high. Use it for built a 12x12 shed. Feb will be my last payment and pattin myself on my back. I expect 100 precent improvin credit history. I tried open website n nothing open. So that way i can... Read more

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On Sept 03,2013 I received a letter from Western sky Financial po box 370 Timberlake SD.57656 phone number (605) 865-3311,that my loan application had been denied well folks I never applied for a loan if I cant pay for what I want in cash I wont buy it until I can pay for it outright.But I have spent 4 days calling your number either I get a busy singnal or the answering machine is off.And I know that I have never applied for a loan from your... Read more

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I borrowed $1000 from western sky and they never told me about the pre paid fianance fee which was $500. Once you sign the document they place that amount on the loan. Most pay day loans you pay the fianance fee for the loan only. Western sky charges you a pre pay fianance fee on top of your loan and they interest for $1500 instead of $1000. On there commericals they also state a fraud advertisement. "this will help your credit score". they... Read more

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My aunt was in a desperate financial situation this year (she had lost her job), and took out a "cash advance" type loan from Western Sky Financial (also known as Cash Call).She is not very sophisticated in financial matters, and she signed for the loan which provided interest rates over 100%. Now, she is even in more trouble, as the interest has ballooned on her.That is unfair, and these companies should be ashamed of themselves.If you have... Read more

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First thing is you get unsolicited email. The "unsubscribe" link does not work; first clue as to WF's inherent dishonesty. When you speak to them, you do not get real names or addresses. They are unlicensed scam artists who use Indian sovereignty to evade local law enforcement. I suppose it is Sitting Bull's revenge in action! Too bad we cannot send them all to North Korea. Why doesn't the Attorney General of the United States'... Read more

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OH MY GOSH these people are worse than loan sharks!!They charged me 500 just to get a loan of 1000.00 plus they want 30% in terest because of high risk??Im not high risk my credit score was 640 not great but not that bad???Needless to sayI think these people should be condemned!Put out of business and have to pay back the people they prey on!!!They will someday have to answer for all of theyre rip-offs they have done to probably alot of other... Read more

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I applied for a loan package and after careful review of the terms changed my mind. After approving me over the phone mailed me a denial letter that will be sent to the credit bureau. this is not right or fair to prey on someone when they really need the assistance. Plus to the rates are overly inflated so I decided to go to my local PLS store and take out a loan with much reasonable rates. Never agian will I use an online financial... Read more

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